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They can be home to several thousand residents, and some are as big as large cities.

With so many people living together, sometimes in close proximity, a group or structure to organize the camp and the camp residents is usually a necessity. Refugee camps are also similar to towns and cities in that many have existed for long periods of time. Camps are diverse, sometimes with many different nationalities, ethnicities, and religions represented. Imagine the city or town you live in is lacking a public works department or economic development office.

Where Did America's Refugees Come From In 2018? [Infographic]

Just as those roles and jobs are vital at the municipal level, so they are absolutely necessary inside of refugee camps. A primary role of a camp manager is to coordinate all of the agencies and actors working inside of a refugee camp.

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  • American Refugees.

Camp managers are tasked with understanding the needs inside a camp, knowing what services are being provided by which agencies, and identifying any gaps between the two. We coordinate agencies to ensure that there is no duplication of efforts and services are provided to camp residents in a consistent manner.

Immigration and Refugees : Charity Navigator

As the principal source of information, the camp manager can notify the UN High Commissioner for Refugees or other funding partners when an issue arises or a gap in services exists in a camp, and recommend strategies for addressing the problem. Despite the many problems and complexities, the panelists still presented clear and defined recommendations for tackling these issues in the future.

The biggest pieces of the puzzle are awareness and clear-sighted engagement. So what is the next step? Cooperation and organization, Cassidy argues. Skip to main content.

Private Prisons and Immigrant Detention

Directions to the Wilson Center. Considering Trump's tough stance on refugees, especially those from Muslim-majority nations, where did America's refugees come from in ? The Pew Research Center recently published an analysis of data from the U.

In FY , the U. Top origin countries of refugees entering the U.