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He wants to make up for all the wrong he has done — the Christian God forgives even assassins, which most find difficult accept; as humans, we most often find a notorious sinner to be beyond forgiveness, but God does not work that way. Her research into what Christianity teaches about angels includes having consulted the works of St.

Thomas Aquinas and Fr. Angels, according to Christian teaching, are disembodied spirits, and each is its own distinct specie.

Anne Rice signs Angel Time: The Songs of the Seraphim

Various classes of angels or heavenly persons are mentioned in the Scriptures; St. Paul describes nine classes or ranks. Gabriel, St. Each memory was presented to the degree of inform I was pleasantly surprised with this book.

A Choir of Angels (Music Slowed 800%)

Each memory was presented to the degree of information we needed and each description was perfectly executed. Although Anne Rice might not be writing vampire literature anymore and believe me, I wish I could get another story about Lestat and Louis one of these days! I think that her strength in writing has returned. Her tales are interesting with an edge of education added to it. They might not be as dark as they once were, but there is still that edge of darkness, that eternal struggle for what is right from wrong.

Oct 29, Caressa rated it did not like it Shelves: couldn-t-finish. Pompous, yet boring and forgettable. This is a huge disappointment from the woman you made Egyptian queens into vampires, and vampires into rock stars. Dec 01, Kelly rated it liked it. I discovered her books the summer before I left for college and spent the next several years procrastinating my studies all too often in favor of devouring her backlist. And a hefty backlist it was; her old books kept me busy for several years. Then, in the late nineties and early s, Rice began to change h 2.

Curiosity and nostalgia convinced me to give Angel Time a shot. He loves this hotel and hates the idea of sullying it with his unpleasant profession. Eventually, though, the hit occurs, and shortly thereafter an angel appears to Toby. This angel, Malchiah, wants to recruit Toby for an important task. This backstory is compelling at first, but soon begins to sound really familiar.

Obviously, the details are different, but the rhythms of its telling are the same, and the highlights are all here: the childhood among Irish alcoholics, the saving power of music, the first girlfriend, the family tragedy that precipitates a departure from New Orleans Instead of restoring old houses, though, Toby takes a very different path. Toby never quite coalesced as a character for me. Part of this is because I kept thinking of Michael during the backstory. Just when he almost comes into focus, he changes drastically and instantly as a result of his salvation.

The second half of the book, in which Toby is sent back in time to medieval England to save a Jewish couple accused of murdering their daughter, is better. Rice gives a well-researched portrayal of the anti-Semitism of the period and introduces several interesting characters. I did find the end of the time-travel sequence interesting. The writing style does indeed come close to that which she employed in her early novels. Using heavy description and deliberate repetition, Rice creates a languid, hypnotic mood.

So, what did I think of Angel Time? On the other hand, it was intriguing enough that I went on to read book two, Of Love and Evil , which was better and which I'll review soon. Fantasy Literature's Anne Rice page Feb 23, Kate rated it it was ok Shelves: paranormal.

Angel Time (Songs of the Seraphim, book 1) by Anne Rice

Set in two very different worlds and written with a fluency that testifies to long hours of research on the part of the author, Angel Time is certainly not your average supernatural novel. The characters are unique, the plot engaging, and the words spun together flawlessly and effortlessly in typical Anne Rice style. The story is chopped up in two places where inserted are the background stories of Toby's life and that of the 13th-century Jewish woman he is attempting to help. In most books I wo Set in two very different worlds and written with a fluency that testifies to long hours of research on the part of the author, Angel Time is certainly not your average supernatural novel.

In most books I would object to such a fragmentation of the plot; in most books it would seem tedious to work through such long narratives, but not so in this book thanks to Rice's colorful writing.

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I did not like the first half of this book as much as the second half, the first half detailing Toby's life before Malchiah's arrival. It was too dark, depressed, and morbid for my taste. I don't condemn the book for this, but simply didn't enjoy the first half as much on that account. The second half was much more interesting and engaging to me. Rice did a fine job of expressing the turmoil of the European Jews in the Middle Ages and weaved a believable tale around that critical setting. Perhaps my only moral complaint about this book was the fact that Toby uses deception to solve the problem he was sent to resolve and this method of resolution seemed to be endorsed by the angel Malchiah, and hence, heaven itself.

This didn't sit quite right within the context of the story, which was Toby seeking redemption for the evil he had committed. Overall, a good book with some minor flaws. Oct 19, Vanessa rated it liked it Shelves: book-club. First off, I'm not an Anne Rice fan. I am reading this book because of my book club.

I can't believe how repetitive she is. Her first chapter was about twenty pages stating that the main character was a hit man. I could have summed it up much quicker. I mean I just literally thought of someone dressed up as a renaissance festival nerd just did not seem plausible in my head. Only at around page did it start mo First off, I'm not an Anne Rice fan. Only at around page did it start moving faster, it's a shame that that is almost halfway through the book.

This is not my kind of literature but once I got into it it wasn't that hard to read.

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Definitely took me way too long and I wasn't motivated to read it. A page book can be read in a matter of hours by me, whereas I have had this book for nearly two weeks and am only just over halfway through it.

watch Can't say I would read the series of this though. This was my first Anne Rice read, and in all honestly I was disappointed. For as long as I can remember, her Vampire Chronicles have been books I wanted to read. I entered the teenage vampire loving stage and my mother suggested them. She enjoyed them but the writing style was not for her overly descriptive, she called it. I did not let this deter me, and promised myself I would read them.

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Still, years later I have yet to read them. When I found Angel Time going for a pound — you have to love bargain bins — I decided to jump on it. I thought I would give this book a try to see whether or not her writing style was for me before I entered her Vampire Chronicles. It was not badly written yet it was missing out a number of things that I like.

Mostly, it was lacking on the emotional front. We were given paragraph upon paragraph describing surroundings but whenever an emotional response was necessary, a mere sentence — a short sentence, at that — was given. Such a thing prevented me from growing to like any of the characters all that much.

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They never really developed into more than storytellers who had the same voice. Not that the story was what I was expecting. I thought we would be given lots of action. Everyone loves a good angel book… yet in this, the angel theme is rather drab. Our angel exists solely to shift our character from one point of time to another whilst wearing a stupid facial expression as he whispered sweet nothings in ears.

Such a thing almost sounds like what fandoms go for — the quick glances and the touches — but there is no chance for such an underground fandom to appear.

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Things simply are. We cannot add our own little versions of the truth. History and settings play a much larger part than characters and storyline, in my opinion, which made the story much harder to enjoy. I like such things in a story, but I want everything to be equal. It was as though she wanted to throw in as much of her research as possible, and in doing so she forgot she was telling a story.