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Some of the tasks you might do on AutoCAD especially for civil engineers include grading of land, cut and fill calculations, road profiles, site plans, etc. Of course you may have a senior engineer or project manager working on the design with you, but you will find yourself doing many of the calculations yourself right in AutoCAD. When looking for a job, most prospective employers will ask you about your CAD skills during the job interview. You should be prepared to discuss them and you should bring samples of your CAD work if possible.

This may give you a big advantage over other candidates. Depending on your engineering discipline you should research what other specific programs you may need to know i. I hope this answers your question and helps you in your engineering career development! If any of you have questions about engineering careers, post them on the wall of our facebook fanpage and I will try to respond as soon as possible!

We would love to hear any questions you might have or stories you might share on how computer skills can advance your career as an engineer.

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PTO Database Standards e. J68 Advanced Students Advanced engineering students should be able to: Document sources accurately, in correct and consistent formats. No single format is standard in engineering; therefore the important thing is to use any given format in a correct and consistent way.

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Conduct a patent search. Solve an engineering problem where they must identify the need for and locate supporting data from engineering references or the literature. Apply their skills in order to lay the groundwork for independent research with faculty guidance. Glean information from visual presentations of data such as psychrometric charts, correlation curves, bar charts, pie charts, Moody diagram, nomographs, etc. Select appropriate graphical formats line chart, bar chart, scatter plot, pie chart, schematic, flow chart, Venn diagram, etc. Develop professional graphics with attention to scale, axes, labeling, units, etc.

Recognize the tradeoff between the value of information and the time and cost to obtain it. Choose appropriate approaches for acquiring data: literature search, field measurements, laboratory measurement, computer simulation, and estimation. Use sophisticated search strategies including the use of multiple keywords, Boolean operators, truncation, multiple searches, multiple databases, and other strategies where necessary. They should be able to follow citations and cited references to obtain additional articles. Read scientific papers efficiently, making use of abstracts and conclusions to discern when it is useful to obtain or read an entire work.

Read scientific papers critically, distinguishing among facts and opinions, comparing a variety of sources to evaluate reliability, validity, accuracy, authority, timeliness, and point of view or bias.

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Understand and use statistical treatment of data as evaluative criteria. Design and conduct experiments to gather data in the laboratory or field, and analyze and interpret those data. Present data in oral, visual, and written forms clearly and professionally, selecting appropriate media and formats for the intended audience. The Engineering Program proposes to incorporate information literacy into the following courses.

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