Corrosion Science and Technology (Materials Science & Technology)

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This research group focus on development and usage of different materials such as different light metals and steel. This includes research on solidification, welding and different joining techniques, thermo-mechanical processing and material modeling. The recycling of metals is a modern field in metallurgy. Vacant positions at NTNU external link. Datta Microbially Influenced Corrosion; E. Stratmann Metallic and Oxide Coatings; U.

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Kamachi Mudali Laser Treatment; W. Steen Ion Implantation; E. McCaffery Plasma Methods; V. Raghunathan Vapor Phase Inhibitors; K. Vasanth Electrodeposition and Coatings; S. Seshadr Nano Materials and Coatings; A. Tyagi and S.

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Gebert Intermetallics; R. Balasubramanian High Nitrogen Steels; J. Scully Materials for Energy Systems; W. Bioresponsive Model Systems. Flexible Sensors for Health and Bioanalytics.


Natural Resources and Pollutants. Sources, Assessement and Reduction of Air Pollutants.

Sustainable Production and Resource Scarcity. Future Indiviual Mobility. Environmental Interactions on Engineered Systems.

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Energy Demand. Integrated Multi-Energy Systems.

Corrosion Science & Process Engineering | Southwest Research Institute

Energy Supply. Sustainability Assessment for Energy Systems. Advanced Materials Processing. Functional Polymers. Electron Microscopy Center. Engineering Sciences. Structural Engineering. Mechanical Systems Engineering. Multiscale Studies in Building Physics.

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Experimental Continuum Mechanics. Center for Synergetic Structures. Urban Energy Systems. Materials Meet Life. Biomimetic Membranes and Textiles. Particles-Biology Interactions. Nanoscale Materials Science. Transport at Nanoscale Interfaces.

Center for X-Ray Analytics. Materials for Energy Conversion. Advanced Analytical Technologies. Automotive Powertrain Technologies. Functional Materials.