Killing Johnny Fry: A Sexistential Novel

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He also decides to murder Johnny Fry.

see Any artist who tries to deal with sex graphically is almost inevitably accused of narrowing his or her outlook. That white women are often the she-devils luring black men to their doom suggests Mosley takes some pulp fantasies too seriously.

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There is something in Mosley that pulls back from the carnal madness Cordell gives himself over to, that presents it as the beginning of a journey toward redemption. But Mailer was inside that subject, feverishly so — and because he so freely risked ridiculousness the book never felt ridiculous. So it comes as no surprise to discover that he has temporarily migrated to a more controversial area of genre fiction: an erotic, some would even say pornographic, novel.

Cordell Carmel is a mild black middle-aged New Yorker whose life changes overnight when he catches his longstanding girlfriend, Joelle, being joyfully sodomised in her apartment by Johnny Fry, a mutual acquaintance. For Cordell, whose sex life is pretty conservative, this comes not only as a shock but also as an education. Still reeling under the impact of Joelle's infidelity, as well as the revelation of her hitherto secret desires, Cordell embarks on his own sexual odyssey.

The erotic novel, like all genres, has its rules and patterns, and Cordell's progress through New York's sexual jungle is mapped with wit and a genuine sense of wonder as his unleashed priapic instincts rapidly make him irresistible to a gallery of female characters.

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