No More Worrying: The Easy Way to a Worry-Free Life

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One of the best ways to stop worrying and start living is to take things one day at a time. Check out this short YouTube video to learn how to better yourself and take life one day at a time. If there is a problem in your life that is causing you to worry, remember that most things you worry about never happen anyway.

Accurate diagnosis is half the cure. What exactly are you worrying about? Whatever might happen, decide that you will be able to live with it. Take it one day at a time. Now you have found how to stop worrying. Think of all the creative things you could do to minimize the worst possible occurrence. Pretty soon you will be thinking positively and creatively again and will be back in control of your life.

A sense of control is the key to a long and happy life. The more you feel in control of yourself and your life, the more you will love yourself and the happier you will be. The more you accept complete responsibility for every part of your health, happiness and relationships, the more in control you will feel, and the more powerful you will be. The more in control you feel, the more confidence and personal pride you will have.

See a Problem?

The more you feel in control of your life, the higher will be your self-esteem, self-respect and personal pride. Resolve today that you are going to live a long and happy life. This is the very best time in all of human history to be alive and you are one of the very best people to be alive at this time. Remember that the more things that you give thanks for, the more things you will have to give thanks for in the future. The more you give of yourself without expectation of return, the more wonderful things that will come to you from the most unexpected sources.

How To Stop Worrying

I tried a lot and didn't stop. If you feel the same way or if you are simply troubled by small worries, the following 8 steps can help you immensely. These are simple rules to follow. But always sticking to them is the real difficulty here. Try it! It has helped me, it will help you. I guarantee it!

25 Bible Verses About Stress, Worry and Anxiety

The first 3 points alone should be enough to reduce your worries. You should always remember these rules. So it's good to write them down. Read them once a week or best once a day. It makes little sense to just read through them and not to think about how they might affect your problems. Stay consistent and focus consciously on every step.

5 Steps to Worrying Less

Specify your problems. What exactly is your problem? What are you worried about? Why do these thoughts buzz around in your head again and again? Good question, you might say, if only it would be so easy to answer it. But this is exactly what you have to do. Look completely objectively at your problem and ask yourself the following questions:. It is so simple and yet extremely effective. You will achieve the greatest success if you write down these questions and think about how to answer them. If you read the problem, its origin, the solutions and the date when you will apply your solution on a sheet of paper or in a text file on your computer, it makes your problem appear in a completely different light and you can look at it objectively.

No matter how serious or simple your worries are. Try it. Here is an example:. What am I worried about? What is the source? What possible solutions are there? When do I apply this solution? Let's pretend the person in this example really has a cardiac problem, then that's a new concern. It will be dealt in exactly the same way:.

What are the possible solutions? Expect the worst.

Imagine what is the worst that could happen and accept it. Then try to prevent the worst from actually happening. That is the whole rule. This one helped me a lot.

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I was very worried about my job. But then I thought to myself:. What is the worst that could happen?

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Ok, how do I deal with it? Well, I have a little money saved to live on until I 'd find a new job. When the going gets tough, I'd quickly find a simple job to at least cover most of my expenses until I find something more appropriate.

How To Stop Worrying - The Fundamentals of Eliminating Worry

Of course I tried hard not to get that far, but I was much more relieved when I knew what I might face in the worst case. So why think continuously: Oh no my job this and my job that. In most cases the worst case scenario doesn't come anyway.

9 Scientifically-Backed Ways To Stop Worrying

That's simple probability calculation. How likely is it that the worst will happen? This quote from Arthur Schopenhauer is just right:. Accept the past. Dale Carnegie wrote it so beautifully and so simple in his book: "Don't cry over spilled milk! What has happened has happened and has passed, over and out. There is no way to change that, no matter how much you get upset or worry about it.