Samson Blinded:: A Machiavellian Perspective on the Middle East Conflict

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Posted by: alkawsabsew December 06, at AM. Ich schrieb einfach eine unglaublich lange kommentieren, sondern nach dem ich meinen Kommentar angeklickt nicht auftauchte. Egal , wollte nur ausgezeichnete Blog sagen! Posted by: pleadaytota December 13, at AM. Posted by: geksswealse December 22, at AM. Posted by: Meevelmkninna December 23, at AM. Posted by: valiogialoupe December 27, at AM. Posted by: erelfrots December 28, at AM. Posted by: unjubbons December 31, at AM. Similarly, the situation is in relation to our native drivers.

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Therefore, it is worthwhile to consider buying additional insurance on the car. Posted by: Kkjytggh February 11, at AM. Blog powered by Typepad. Independant Blogs Forumblog. Blogging Ethics the weblog handbook: practical advice on creating and maintaining your blog :: excerpt :: blog ethics cyberjournalist blogger ethics. Posted from the US It seems to me that a set of ethics is emerging that is universal and global and is going to ultimately bang heads with the older established ways and religions.

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The main dangers in this life are the people who want to change everything or nothing. These ain't them. My forum is for human beings to speak to each other -- not for unsolicited advertorials for products I neither endorse nor feel are relevant in any way to the context. I've had the emails too.

The product itself is irrelevant to this discussion. This sort of practice needs to be slapped down hard. I've hard the same spam Yes, it's spam, but as spam goes it is relatively benign; at least the contents match, the title and the link goes where it says it will.

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And in my case at least the author has a glimmer of an indication that I might have some interest in the subject matter. I think the deceptiveness here is at another level.

I haven't read the book either, but I did skim the most recent articles on the blog, and all I can say is - if these are the considered views of 'a veteran Israeli politician', it reflects poorly on the state of Israeli politics. These do not look like the mature analysis of someone who has played the Israeli political game for years; they look like the somewhat shallow opinions of a hard-line Zionist, with a thin veneer of university-level student geo-politics.

For instance, in the most recent post, "Obadiah" refers to the Camp David agreement as if it were a legally-binding contract, rather than a super-annuated attempt long since discarded by all parties. And if the US 'reneges on the contract', simple: "Israel can re-occupy the isthmus of Sinai and annex the oil wells there". Job done. Why on earth does everyone else find the Arab-Israeli problem so intractable?

Come on The pseudonym is not to hide a politician expressing his frank views, it's to bump up the hit count a low-grade blogger. I guess I'm a little late responding also, as I just got the email today. Most of the discussion on this blog has been about the spam tactics of the books publishers, which I agree, is pretty low. Especially when one considers what the book is actually about. Allow me to first state that I have not read the book.

And I must follow that with this: I won't read it. Well, for starters, when I view it on Amazon, Amazon recommends some rather questionable books by Robert Spencer. I've not investigated this site very thoroughly, but a cursory glance found some untruthful statements and biases against Arabs. Following are some things Mr. Shoher advocates as set forth in his book: "Israel can destroy popular support for Islamic terror among Arabs by assailing the Muslim civilian population, razing Arab settlements, and exiling the inhabitants.

It is better to kill one or five civilians for every terrorist than to leave them free to kill countless civilians". I got that e-mail today December :- According to this page Obadiah Shoher directs an extremist Jewish group that promotes anexation of all Palestinian territories.

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  5. I for one would prefer Israel obbeid the UN resolutions. Surprise, surprise.


    But I'm not stupid enough to believe emails I read from strangers. I Googled the book and immediately found the guy's name, found the stuff on Amazon Spam people If you believed this, they you've probably fallen for the "Send money to free my Afrikkan or Turkish or Whatever king" bullcrap, too. I think it is a laugh that everyone gets so up in arms about someone sending out a "spam" email which is clearly marked as to its contents. You should just delete the messages you don't want, and stop with your crying. Fuck, what are you, 11 years old? Go protest or something, oh, that's right, your probably far too lazy to go out and do something like that.

    Rather just sit in front of the computer and spend time whining about some stupid email message you didn't like. After thinking about it, I suspect strongly that this book's author was banned from Google and Yahoo not for controversial politics, but rather for abuse of their advertising services.

    Such abuse would fit into his apparent abandonment of morality in the marketing of his book. He got my email address off a forum devoted to surreal futuristic roleplaying, by the way.

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    7. Not exactly related to his book's subject, heh. Because of this book I started reading the Prince something I'd been meaning to do and researching Machiavelli. I actually suspect that he would deplore the recommendations of this "Israeli politician". Machiavelli draws a clear distinction between necessary ruthlessness and comprehensible vileness, though he does make the recommendation of brief yet extreme cruelty as being preferable to long drawn out agony since in the long run the former causes less suffering.

      Oh, um. I actually meant "contemptible", not "comprehensible". My bad. Should've re-read before posting. Don't know if a bot dropped it, but I got a comment posted to a LiveJournal entry I made weeks ago where I mentioned an article I had read about Israel. I suspect someone is Google'ing various key words and looking to provoke or advertise or both.

      Before posting a reply, I searched on the pseudonym and considered erasing the comment rather than give the book free advertising. However, for the moment, I'm letting it stand.

      Political 'hackers' attack controversial book on Middle East

      Just the titles of the chapters turn my stomach. Post a Comment. Grumpy Old Bookman. I'm afraid I have never been able to summon up much interest in Middle Eastern politics. Remiss of me, I know, but that's the way it is. And, lest you think that this is going to be a book review, let me hasten to say that I have not read Obadiah Shoher's Samson Blinded ; so this post is going to be a discussion of the book's publication history and reception rather than its contents as read and considered by me. The author, by the way, is pseudonymous. He is said to be a veteran Israeli politician who dealt with security issues for most of his career.

      The subtitle of his book is A Machiavellian Perspective on the Middle East Conflict, and it is said that the book 'dissects honestly the problems accumulated since the Jews returned to Palestine. Espousing political rationalism, it deplores both Jewish and Muslim myths, and argues for efficiency and separating politics from moralism. He tells me that Google and Yahoo have already banned the web site for this book from their ad programs because of 'unacceptable content'.

      Well, if you want to consider whether this decision is sensible or not, you can go to what I presume is the web site in question and take a look for yourself. You can also download the whole book. There are a couple of things that interest me here. The first is that the Samson Blinded is published by Booksurge. The problem is twofold.

      ISBN 13: 9781419621161

      It will tremendously affect the other Arab nations nearby both in a psychological and practical sense, and indeed the conflict is affecting them today. Some of the madness that prevails in the Arab world is based on their perception of what is happening in the Holy Land and their frustration with their inability to effectively do anything about it.

      Two, there is in the long run a principle more important than efficiently disposing of this or that conflict. It is what is known as the rule of law. At present such a rule does not obtain in international affairs. As Machiavelli noted and all modern nation states realize, the rule of the jungle is what prevails in international affairs. However it is easily seen that the world and its people would be better off if the rule of law prevailed. We can see this in places like the United States and in other countries of the world in which the rule of law does prevail.