The Religious Condition of Ireland 1770-1850

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We use cookies to personalise content, target and report on ads, to provide social media features and to analyse our traffic. For more information see our Cookie Policy. Church of Ireland: Notes Sat, Feb 25, , The author demonstrates that between and all the churches in Ireland experienced significant programmes of ecclesiastical reform and that, despite theological differences, many of these reforms were similar across the denomin- ational divides.


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The Religious Condition of Ireland 1770-1850

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Population mobility in Scotland and Europe, 1600-1900 : a comparative perspective

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J, Divided Kingdom: Ireland Oxford, Donovan, R. Freeman, T.

Histories of the sacred and secular, Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan, : Harrison, J. Written poetically, they were attended not only by undergraduates but also by cultural figures, including the poet Felicia Hemans. The lecture shown here contains two long quotations from The Excursion. Hamilton quoted these passages approvingly, but he subtly shifted their bearings in order to propound the importance of science. He wanted to invest science with an imaginative stature which Francis Edgeworth had refused to recognise, and which Wordsworth, he thought, had inadequately acknowledged in The Excursion.

Returning again to the Lake District in , Hamilton added a new poem there. In the early s, Eliza Hamilton wrote two sonnets addressed to Wordsworth. The poem looks back on her visit in , when. Wicklow, is perhaps best known as the author of Psyche; or, The Legend of Love Tighe is often cited as a significant influence on the work of British Romantics, particularly John Keats, who was an early admirer of her work, as well as having informed the poetry of Felicia Hemans.

An immensely famous poet in her time, Felicia Hemans — was born in Liverpool, was brought up in Wales, and was connected to Ireland. Her paternal grandfather was from Co.

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  4. Cork, and her brother George Baxter was appointed a magistrate in Kilkenny in and then Chief Commissioner of Police in Ireland in Hemans moved to Ireland permanently in April Hemans dedicated her Scenes and Hymns of Life to Wordsworth in ; many of her poems of the Dublin years have a Wordsworthian flavour and even use Wordsworth for their epigraphs. In Ireland, Felicia Hemans visited many places outside of Dublin, especially the tourist attractions in Co. Whilst staying with her brother in Kilkenny in the summer of , she paid a visit to Woodstock, where the poet Mary Tighe — had spent the last few months of her life.

    Wordsworth and the Marshalls reached Edgeworthstown, Co. Longford, on 20 September and stayed two days.

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    Wordsworth a good deal of her usual brilliancy; she also engaged Mr. Marshall in some long conversations upon Ireland; and even Mr. The travelling companions whom Edgeworth commented upon so wryly were John Marshall — and his son James — John Marshall was a wealthy flax spinner from Leeds. In , Marshall bought Hallsteads, an estate on Ullswater which the Wordsworths often visited.

    The Marshall family also owned other substantial lands in the Lake District. John Marshall was engaged in various social and educational enterprises in Leeds and beyond. As MP for Yorkshire from to , he entertained many opinions that Wordsworth frowned upon: he promoted utilitarianism and parliamentary reform and voted for Catholic relief. The late s was a transitional period for the flax-spinning industry.

    Belfast — which was at that time witnessing a revival of the linen trade — was an obvious destination. The idea for this exhibition arose from Dr Brandon C. This exhibition celebrates the rich collection of Romantic-period literary treasures from the Library of Trinity College Dublin.